There are so many facets and different styles of entertainment – it is a very broad and encompassing industry.

At TFC we look at the specific genre of entertainment that is found predominately in live entertainment venues – specifically clubs and hotels.

Our aim is to dispel many rumours that surround the booking and marketing of entertainment and to advocate that entertainment is essential and will work successfully for your venue, by using a consultancy-based booking format.

Firstly, and most importantly, works for the venue. Our commitment is to make sure we provide entertainment as per the venue’s criteria, budget, and demographic.

Services provided include:

  • Contracts – understanding them, editing ability and implications
  • Different options available on shows eg; Guarantees, Door deals, Straight buys and Guarantee versus – understanding how these work and what is best for your venue.
  • Price guides for all styles of entertainment and working within budgets while sustaining quality entertainment
  • Public Liability requirements from acts
  • Production requirements and options.
  • Band/Entertainment Riders – what your obligation is
  • Marketing and promotional material of entertainment – we can supply as required.
  • Understanding your demographic and
    their entertainment tastes to source and
    book entertainment accordingly
  • Entertainment proofing your venue –
    avoid sound issues etc
  • You no longer need to respond to cold
    calls, emails and marketing sent from
    agents, acts and managers. Everything can
    be sent and directed to TFC.
  • Providing worksheets for entertainment/
    agents/managers. We put these together
    and give you copies with all information
    required. We also do weekly booking
    confirmation and check offs of act.
  • Providing worksheets for in house
    purposes to provide your staff with all
    relevant information on entertainment
    including if riders have been approved, change areas supplied and set up and
    playing times being adhered to
  • Feedback evaluation on entertainment for future bookings.
  • Important information to compile and fact check after specific entertainment events. This information can provide great support and insight in entertainment value for your venue
  • Sourcing entertainment for themed events and special events. This includes things like NYE, Melbourne Cup, Cabaret shows, dinner shows and more.
  • How far in advance should you book and/ or market entertainment
  • Knowing your competition and working with them

If you genuinely care about the success of entertainment in your venue, want your venue to have the highest success conversion rate – you will use TFC for all your entertainment needs. We will actively listen to your venue and its members, to thoroughly understand both goals and aspirations, so to make sure the entertainment achieves the success for both the venue and the act.

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