Tutti Frutti Catering has been established for over 20 years, supplying food, staff and all catering needs for hospitality venues, events, and functions

As a contract caterer of choice, Tutti Frutti Corporate:

  • Understands the catering needs of a club, venue or event.
  • Understands the modern cuisine environment and what drives customer sales.
  • Will bring flair and creativity to their catering operation.
  • Is experienced in the timely production of good quality fresh food at budget prices.
  • Can accommodate the demands of busy event nights without sacrifice to service or quality.
  • Will actively assist a venue in promoting their catering services to members and guests.
  • Supply food, menus and staff as required.
  • Will work in unison with current staffing to always provide a positive dining experience.

As a Catering Contractor, TFC can provide their own preferred items of equipment as required. TFC offer commercial activities such as market stall or food van meal/food truck preparation and operation.

Services we provide:

TFC will be available to cater for all meal requirements of a venue as specified in the ‘Hours & Days of Operation’ and for any coordinated events which may require extended or adjusted trading hours.

  • Can take responsibility for the financial management of the catering service;
  • Supply and maintain adequate quantity of all consumables as required;
  • Supply and supervise an adequate staff level at request;
  • ensure that the procedures and activities of the catering operations and staff always comply with all laws and health regulations. This includes food handling, food storage, personal hygiene and cleanliness;
  • abide by any WH&S processes and procedures provided by a venue as well as be in accordance with all Work Safety and Work Cover legislation;
  • obtain all necessary Insurance(s), including public liability insurance and workers compensation.
  • ensure used crockery/cutlery/trays and condiments are cleared away regularly and efficiently from the customer seating area;
  • be responsible for the cleanliness of the kitchen interior and equipment;

Menu design & review:

The menu will reflect an enticing, contemporary range of budget and reasonably priced items to cater for a wide range of patrons, with a mix of standard favourites and innovative dishes. Best description is Mediterranean and Modern Australian.